Tanning Equipment

Levels of Tanning

Level 1
Use our Level 1 beds and booth to build your base tan.  Enjoy our Ambition 250 (15 minutes), our Competition 232 (10 minutes), or the Ergoline Lounge (10 minutes).  Our entry level beds produce more color than most basic beds, and many have high pressure facial tanners!

Ambition 250 Level 1
Competition 232 Level 1
Ergoline Lounge Level 1

Level 2
Boost your tan to new levels with more lamps and more power!  Enjoy the Ambition 300 (15 minutes), Sundome (10 minutes), or Sundash 240 (20 minutes).  If you add a visit of Level 2 after every few visits of Level 1, you will be amazed at the results!

Ambition 300 Level 2
SunDome Level 2
Sundash 240 Level 2

Level 3
Experience tanning luxury with these beds!  Enjoy 50-plus super high powered body lamps, high pressure facial tanners, and some beds even have shoulder tanners!  Use our Soltron M50 (12 minutes) or our stand-up Suncapsule (9 minutes).  Stand-up tanning booths are becoming more popular all the time, as they send full color to all those hard to reach places!  Stand-ups are also faster and cooler- great for a shot of color before an evening out!

Soltron Genie Level 3
Sun Capsule Level 3

Level 4
Take it to the next level with the Ergoline Evolution 600 (12 minutes).  This bed is a powerful unit with high pressure facial lamps, shoulder and neck tanners, and amazing aromatherapy mist.  High pressure quartz lamps deliver maximum color-infusing rays (UVA) that last longer, tan deeper, and produce a beautiful bronze color.

Ergoline Evolution 600 Level 4

Level 5
The Ergoline Excellence 850 (12 minutes) is our most powerful unit.  This hybrid bed has high pressure quartz lamps throughout the top of the bed.  After using the previous level beds to build your tan, this bed will produce the most dramatic results.

Ergoline Excellence 850 Level 5

Hydration Station
Accelerate your tan and rejuvinate your skin with the Hydration Station!  Pick a program to either prepare for UV tanning, prolong sunless applications, or protect skin with nourishing skin care ingredients.  The unit produces radiant heat, dense steam with aromatherapy, vibratory massage, and color-changing lights to enhance your mood.  Every Hydration Station experience comes equipped with a specific blend of topical liquid vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, aloe vera, and other skin nourishing components.  The Hydration Station prepares your skin for the absorption of these advanced ingredients and results in revitalized skin.  Choose your customized skin experience!

Hydration Station